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Supportive Underpinning Solutions in South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. 

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In-situ Support

In situ support, or underpinning, is used to stabilise and strengthen a structure's existing foundations during construction or renovation works. There are various reasons why this might be necessary, such as the original foundation not being strong enough to support any additional building processes.

The use of the structure may also have changed, creating the need for extra support, while the soil around it might also have altered over time, affecting the foundations. During the underpinning process, the foundations will be extended to enable the additional support structures to be put in place – either in depth or by breadth.

Sometimes it can be more economical to strengthen the existing foundations rather than create new ones and the East Coast Group of Companies can talk you through your options

Project Examples

1.  Underpinning Swimming Pools on Deep Alluvial Soils. This pool had rotated because of a nearby deep, unshored sewerage excavation after pool construction. The pool was resupported utilising timber piles.
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2.  Steel screw piles were selected to support an existing pool that had rotated adjacent to a creek in Mount Gravatt. 
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3.  Redevelopment of a site incorporating an underground car park on poor quality fill is made easy using a combination of horizontal and vertical piles to underpin the existing building next door. 
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