Bored Concrete Piles

bored drilling

Reinforced Concrete Bored Piers in South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. 

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Efficient. Effective. Load capacity.

Much smaller than bulk piers, bored reinforced concrete piers can be installed quickly and easily and can support high working loads. They can also be used to increase founding capacity.

Using bored reinforced concrete piers further enables drilling to a deep level with little or no vibration, which means there’s significantly reduced noise levels on-site. There are many benefits to using bored reinforced concrete piers, and our expert team at the East Coast Group of Companies will be happy to discuss.

If you require these for your next project, or would like to find out more, then just get in touch.

Example Projects

bored drilling piers
1.  1200mm diameter bored piers up to eight metres deep at Noosa Street, Heathwood 2009 
drilling piers
2.  1050mm diameter bored piers up to 10 metres deep at Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge 2009. This project also adopted timber piles for the lightly loaded mezzanine structures.
pier reinforcement
3.  Placing prefabricated steel cages in preparation for pouring concrete. 
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