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Steel Screw Piles and More in Brisbane

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Fast and Economical

Screw piling offers a fast and economical solution during construction and works well for sites with unstable soil, as it produces minimal disturbance by eliminating vibration during installation. Screw piles are ideal for supporting tension and compression loads and are used for a wide range of applications, including railway structures, signposts, buildings and many more. They can also be used for masts, lighting columns, and CCTV structures.

Generally able to be installed with minimal disturbance, screw piling will save you time and money, and is extremely flexible in terms of use. If you’re working in soft soil, then it won’t pose a problem. Screw piling can also be removed and reused in certain applications, and as such it can be a more sustainable solution.

We supply and install local Australian manufactured steel screw piles in South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales and beyond - give us a call for further information.

Example Projects

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1.  2400 kN load – the highest capacity screw piles in the world were installed 27 metres deep to bedrock, adjacent to the Brisbane River in Oxlade Drive, Newfarm. 
steel screw truck
2.  15 tonne SWL piles for a new house construction in West Lakes. 
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3.  Specialist equipment enables the installation of 60-tonne screw piles immediately adjacent to an existing structure in the Brisbane CBD. 
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