Contiguous and Soldier Pile Walls

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Contiguous and Soldier Pile Walls in South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. 

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Contiguous Pile Walls

If you want a more permanent retaining wall, then contiguous pile walls are the answer, and at the East Coast Group of Companies, we can provide everything you need. This particular method involves installing the piles closely together, with only a small gap between them, exposing the retained soil. The exposed soil will, however, ‘self-support’ via a process known as ‘soil arching’, during the excavation process.

If you choose this method, the retaining walls may be created either as cantilever walls or you can draw on additional lateral support from anchors or bracing. Contiguous pile walls are also suitable for a variety of soils, where groundwater lies below the maximum excavation depth. 

Soldier Pile Walls

With soldier pile walls, the piles are fitted wider apart (up to 5 - 8 pile diameters), with the soil between piles subsequently retained. This can be done using timber lagging/precast concrete panels or shotcrete, which is applied to the exposed earth face during excavation.

Generally used for temporary works, soldier pile walls are cost-effective and quick to construct. They can be designed as cantilever walls or by using additional lateral support from anchors or bracing.

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