Steel Sheet Piles

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Steel Sheet Piling in South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. 

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Durable. Quick. Effective

Commonly used when constructing retaining walls and cofferdams, sheet piling is an environmentally-friendly option supplied by the East Coast Group of Companies, that can be reused in certain applications. Highly durable and a popular choice for many, sheet piling maintains its shape during installation and has a good reputation within the industry. Primarily used to retain earth works, sheet piling also works extremely well in retaining water and is suitable for both temporary and permanent works. It creates a continuous wall of steel that supports the structure as the work is being carried out.

As with all of our products, our sheet piling at the East Coast Group of Companies is of the highest quality and all manufactured locally, to ensure the best results.

Coffer Dams and Marine Applications

Anchoring and Buildings

Example Projects

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1.  Sheet piling is used to construct and cofferdam to hold back up to three metres of tidal water during construction of a culvert under a roadway for Gold Coast City Council.
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2.  Sheet piling is used extensively to retain earth on property boundaries where excavation for basements is required.
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3.  Revetment wall construction at New Farm on the Brisbane River.

Sheet piling for marine applications can be undertaken by either crane mounted equipment from barges on the water, or by excavator mounted sheet pile drivers on dry land.

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