Concrete Tilt Up Panels

tilt up concrete panels

Concrete Tilt Up Panel Design & Construction in South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. 

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Concrete Tilt Up Panels

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At the East Coast Group of Companies, we can design and manufacture custom-made concrete tilt up panels for your building project. Whether you need concrete for pavements, buildings or anything else, our expert team will always deliver the solution you require at a competitive price.

Made from the best quality concrete, our tilt up panels offer increased durability, and our team will be on hand at every stage to ensure you get what you need.

When it comes to concrete tilt up panels, the East Coast Group of Companies is known for delivering quality results. 

We also provide:

  • Pavement design
  • Full-time on-site inspection of footings and bored piers
  • Inspections of footings, slabs, retaining walls and framing
  • Concrete tilt up panels design including workshop drawings, prop design, and deadman anchor design using finite element software with 3D modelling
  • Pile design, including:
    - Bored piers
    - Timber piles
    - Steel screw piles
    - Sheet piles
    - Ground anchors
  • Telecommunication tower footing design allowing for tension, compression and lateral loads
  • Tilt panel construction

Example Projects

concrete tilt panel worker
1.  Accurate sizing and location of panels are essential for the successful construction of all Tilt-Up buildings.
tilt panel erection crane
2.  Tilt Panels being erected utilising a specially equipped 80 tonne crawler crane.
concrete building
3.  Tilt Panels fully erected and propped - ready for the structural steel to be installed.
tilt panel workshop drawing
 Tilt Panel Workshop Drawing
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Call us today on 07 3713 4900 to find out more information about our tilt up panel design and construct services
in South East Queensland.

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